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Kim Strynadka, Accredited Mortgage Professional

Kim Strynadka

Mortgage Broker/Broker Owner/Private Lender

With over 17 years of mortgage brokering experience, Kim is a fountain of mortgage knowledge and a team leader. She is dedicated to helping clients find their best mortgages. When Kim bought her first condo, her bank originally declined her – so on the advice of her Realtor, she used a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker got her an approval with the same bank that turned her down! Kim was impressed and hooked from that day on and has made it her mission to make your real estate dreams possible. Kim likes to take on a challenge and understands that your circumstances may not be the same as everyone else’s. Not only is Kim a self-employed mortgage expert, but she also can assist you with your individual mortgage needs, no matter your circumstances. When you apply for a mortgage with Kim, she will guide you through the mortgage process, ensure you receive the lowest cost of borrowing and help you understand all your mortgage options.

4104 Wellesley Ave.

Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2B9

Office: 250-729-3890

Mobile: 1-604-839-3890

Cell: 1-877-729-3890

Email: kims@telus.net



Testimonials for Kim:

“Now Our Money is Working for Us”

My wife and I were amongst the “unloanable.” No bank would touch us; they wouldn’t even give us a small loan to be able to clean up our credit.

To say Kim and her staff changed our lives is an understatement on the largest of scales. She not only got us to turn our credit around, but she got us to understand what it meant to have and keep good credit. She not only got the banks to look at us seriously, she got them to give us a mortgage. Now our money is truly working for us and not some landlord. If you or anyone you know is looking to purchase a home or just on your way to get there, I plead you to CALL KIM! You won’t regret the decision. She will help you on every step of your journey, as she did with us; that is the way she prides herself in her business. She stands behind her product; her product is her commitment to you and your journey to homeownership.

Our hope is that when someone is looking for a home, they look at this and call Kim. She is truly a representative of her company’s name, Integrity.

- Derrick and Kelly

“Never Comes Up Empty-Handed”

I am self-employed in the performing arts field, living in Vancouver and Phoenix, and I can’t say enough good stuff about Kim and Integrity Mortgage. My accountant turned me on to her back in the early ‘90s, and that is at least a half dozen properties ago!

In my profession, traditional bankers turn up their noses when asked for money, yet Kim has always been able to find the right lender with vision and a low rate for me. She is relentless on her quest and never comes up empty handed... that’s why I keep going back. I swear she could get a mortgage for a coconut with five o’clock shadow!

- “Artist with Real Estate”

“Blown Away with How Much Time She Spent with Us”

I would without hesitation and in a heartbeat recommend Kim Strynadka, Integrity Mortgage! We were buying our 2nd home and we learned so much from Kim. She really helped us with our mortgage and helped us make the best decisions for our family. She was very prompt in replying to our emails and phone calls, which is important to us. We spoke to her early on in our house shopping, and she was able to save a great rate for us. When we bought our first home, we only spoke with a lender at our credit union. It was a fine experience, but once we met Kim, we were blown away with how much time she spent with us. She was not pushy and did not talk us into anything that we were uncomfortable with. She schooled us on the field, really, so we felt confident when we signed on the dotted line. We have and will continue to recommend Kim Strynadka of Integrity Mortgage.

- Jessi

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